About Us


We assess, detect and protect your environments and infrastructure from cyber criminals. We deploy sensors and agents just like in your home to detect any activity not authorized by you in your systems and infrastructure. We monitor internet traffic into and out of your organizations to see if malicious sites and/or actors are attempting to breach your systems. Alerts created through this process are monitored by live security engineers to take immediate action. Some of the actions are automated such as removing the activity or the infected hardware from your infrastructure to stop the propagation. Our intelligent agent will Find, Fix and Secure your workstation from any intrusion/infection when hacked by an external actor. Our fully automated process continuously monitors all activities of the workstation/endpoint and stops the infection/intrusion. The intrusion/infection is immediately remedied, rolled back to the state before the infection, and the machine is quarantined by disconnecting the infected computer from the network to stop any propagation of the infection.


You can be at peace knowing that we are monitoring the alerts from your systems. Certified engineers initiate responses to any attack that may bypass our local monitoring agent and take immediate action. You do not have to search, locate, or contact a company after the incident. We will be there to remediate and recover your systems to make your business operational again.

What we offer

Let us help you to secure and protect your business and infrastructure.