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Ransomware, distributed denial-of-service (DDOS), and straightforward hacking attacks are evolving in sophistication. The criminal dark web market has made available malware-as-a-service. What this evolving threat environment now presents is that in addition to the criminal, whether they be cyber-geeks, adversarial governments, organized crime, terrorist organizations or business competitors, their purchased malware service comes with customer support to ensure the success of devastating the target. Because non-coders can now deploy out-of-the-box malware, the web magazine predicts that frequency endpoint exploitation will only intensify. The online magazine also reports that cybercriminals are ditching the broad-spectrum spam attacks in favor of spear-phishing, targeting director-level users and up to the C-suite, to infect system networks with ransomware botnets. It has been widely reported that in 2016 ransomware attacks increased by 50 percent.


A solid cyber security strategy includes constant management, pro-active intelligence and precision monitoring to not only stop cyber attacks, but to prevent them in the first place.


tanding up a state-of-the-art cyber defense is not just technically daunting, it is expensive if an organization goes at it alone, no matter its size. The cyber security bill is a list of costly entries that at a minimum will include roughly $119,000 for just one cyber security professional and software with a price tag as high as $105,000. The human experience and skills necessary to ensure that malware profiles are up to date and to monitor end points does not come from taking an online course, but is earned. For a cyber security solution to be effective, it must be pro-actively engaged 24/7. We work with SentinelOne, a company that has been repeatedly recognized as being on the cutting edge of pro-active cyber security solutions, to deliver security as a service to our clients. Because SentinelOne solutions are based on artificial intelligence (AI), it is revolutionizing cyber security to focus on prevention, rather than simply reacting to threats.


SentinelOne is at the absolute forefront of developing security solutions that combine algorithmic science, machine learning and AI to predict and prevent known and, better yet, unknown attacks. In addition to good old-fashioned intelligence to keep malware profiles up to date, SentinelOne employs cutting edge predictive analysis processes to quickly identify what is safe and what is a threat at the most vulnerable gateway, the end point, before an organization’s data environment is infected with malware execution.


SentinelOne focuses on preventing advanced threats, it reclaims time and resources that would be consumed by incident response, downtime and data loss, not to forget fines or other punitive measures. SentinelOne technology is deployed on more than four million endpoints and protects hundreds of enterprise clients worldwide, including our clients. MSP Tech Services along with SentinelOne can assist in best effort rumination by managing and monitoring 24x7x365. Contact us today to discuss licensing and implementation!

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Pro-actively protect your business assets


Evaluate if your systems are susceptible to any known vulnerabilities. If so, assign a severity level to those vulnerabilities, and remediate or mitigate them. 

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We need constant vigilance and it has to be automated. A single, agent from our solutions constantly monitors the tasks and processes to detect the intruder in your computer

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We operate a Security Operations Center(SOC) , which is key to stop an attack or a breach before it occurs. Our engineers work 24x7x365 to stop these attacks.

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