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We have built a solution using Commercial Off-the-Shelf tools: a Continuously Monitoring and Mitigation (CMM) program which enhances the overall security posture of your company by providing capabilities to monitor vulnerabilities and threats to your networks in near real-time. This increased situational awareness allows us to work with you to prioritize actions to mitigate or accept cybersecurity risks based on an understanding of the potential impacts to the mission. We accomplish this by working with your team to deploy commercial off-the-shelf tools on your networks that provide enterprise-wide visibility of what assets, users, and activities are on your networks. This actionable information allows us to effectively monitor, defend, and rapidly respond to cyber incidents.

What We Can Do For You

Pro-actively protect your business assets


Evaluate if your systems are susceptible to any known vulnerabilities. If so, assign a severity level to those vulnerabilities, and remediate or mitigate them. 

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We need constant vigilance and it has to be automated. A single, agent from our solutions constantly monitors the tasks and processes to detect the intruder in your computer

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We operate a Security Operations Center(SOC) , which is key to stop an attack or a breach before it occurs. Our engineers work 24x7x365 to stop these attacks.

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